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Beautiful Balloon Ideas for All Weddings


A traditional, yet impressive way to use balloons at your wedding is as part of your table displays and centrepieces. Swap out flowers for balloons for a less traditional look or add balloons in with the flowers for a classic yet still unconventional look. This way will easily transform your centrepieces and make them memorable to you and your guests. It is a simple yet very effective way to dress up your centre piece. You could even drape balloons down off each table in an array of colours.

Aisle Décor

Traditionally, flowers and bows are used down the aisle, but why not created standing balloon displays? This is a very simple yet untraditional way to dress up your aisle and ceremony even more. Use high standing individual balloons down the aisle, add small balloons underneath each balloon, dress up the balloons with ribbon, flowers, feathers or multicoloured balloons for a quirky look.

Balloon Wall

A balloon wall is a very fun and untraditional thing to add to your weeding. Stick to the colour scheme of your wedding, whether it be pastel colours, bright colours or even create a stand out accent balloon wall. You can create a coloured ombre wall with different shades of your theme colour. Present your balloon wall behind your cake, behind your table in the reception, create a balloon wall as a photograph background or even create multiple balloon walls as a theme throughout your wedding.

Balloon Ceilings

This use goes hand in hand with the balloon wall. Create a fun, colour filled ceiling for your reception or above the dance floor with a balloon ceiling. You could even merge your balloon wall into the balloon ceiling for an even more fun look. This untraditional use for balloons will add a lot of interest and help tie in your colour scheme.

DIY Lanterns

This is definitely an outside-the-box use for balloons at your wedding and is especially good for an outdoor or evening wedding. Have this as the finale to your wedding. Fill each balloon with confetti and wishes for you and your other half. You could even have regular lanterns with smaller balloons tied underneath either tight or as a train. Have larger lanterns for you and your partner, or matching colours, have multicoloured balloons or stick to the colour scheme of your wedding. This is such a creative and interesting us for balloons at your wedding.

Ceremony Arch

Dress up a flowers arch with small balloons at the bases or add small and medium sized balloons throughout the display. You could choose your colour scheme for the followers and place white or ivory balloons within the arch. Or you could even have a full arch made entirely out of balloons. This use is very quirky, fun and would work very well with a colourful wedding or even having a mix of ivory or cream with pale pinks.

Balloon-filled Reception

Fill your reception room and dance floor with floating balloons, balloons on the floor and stood up balloons- like we mention for the balloon aisle. Even tie balloons to the backs or the chairs at your reception. You could have the same balloon displays as you did down the aisle and stick to one colour for your stood-up balloons such as ivory, and different shades of your colour scheme for the floating and floor balloons, for example; pinks or champagne.

Getaway Car

If you’re running balloons throughout your wedding what better way to make it a theme than adding them onto your getaway car. Have them as a train behind the car, tie them to the front and wingmirrors and even have some inside the car. Try to stick to small balloons as large balloons will pop easily and could pop before you even enter the car. Small balloons are a very sophisticated way of using balloons at your wedding and add a very elegant touch.

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