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Artificial Blossom Trees 

Decoration and colour scheme have always been important in weddings, especially recently. One theme that has become ever more popular is elegance, but this can often be hard to get without blowing your budget. So, let’s talk about the beauty of artificial blossom trees… 

Everyone dreams of their wedding, whether it’s a beautiful wedding or an unconventional wedding, making the day exactly how you dreamt it whilst not stressing over the cost is a big deal. Blossom trees are amazing at creating a beautiful and elegant wedding without having to splash the cash. Coming in an array of colours and arrangements, artificial blossom trees can be used as the main theme to your wedding or as small statement pieces. Mix up pastel pinks for a chic wedding, or green and white for sophistication. 


One major upside to having artificial blossom trees at your wedding is… BUDGET! They are very affordable and easy to manage as they are artificial. Whether your budget is minimal and focused, or ‘go-big-or-go-home’, budgeting is still key. Artificial blossom trees have a minimal price point with maximum presence. They can transform the room into a spring time statement or a winter wonderland just through selected the right colours, amount and arrangement, without the hefty price tag. 


The blossom trees come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, perfect for any venue, at any time of year, and with a variety of uses; even as an aisle frame. We all know the moment a bride walks down the aisle is magical and beautiful, so having a frame of flowers to walk through, complimenting the bride, would add a special touch. This is an important part to every wedding, it’s where vows are exchanged and love is expressed, so making this moment magical and extraordinary is key. To say artificial blossom trees are beautiful would be an understatement, they are expressive enough to make everyone say “wow” yet still so elegant and simplistic to not take away from the bride and groom on this special day. 

Spring and summer weddings are happening now and if you are stuck for one final piece, or feel like something is missing, try artificial blossom trees. They can even be a running theme throughout the wedding, tying colours together if you and your partner are undecided on a colour scheme. Try elegant pink trees for a spring bloom, or even as centre pieces for the tables. 


Extravagant centre pieces and flower displays are ever growing in popularity, but why not one-up this by adding full blossom trees down the aisle, or large drooping centrepieces for tables. To get that dream fantasy wedding, even try adding small pastel-coloured lanterns underneath the trees, and candles, whether real or artificial surrounding the blossom trees.  

Venture into the world of artificial blossom trees with Paradise Weddings and give your wedding that extra bit of sophistication, chic or creativity to give you your dream wedding at a dream price. 

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