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All about the flowers 

Usually at the point of choosing flowers you have decided on a colour scheme or a theme you’re going for, flowers are the perfect way to tie together all the things you think don’t fit together. Say you want a pink and blue theme but aren’t sure how to mix them together, flowers will do that for you, match pastel blues and pastel pinks for a sweet, chic wedding for example.  

The Steps to Perfect Flowers 

We all love flowers, whether you’re a classic rose lover or a fan of carnations, flowers are important. First step, choose the colours you would like, red? Yellow? Classic white? Ivory? The choice is endless but usually easily determined when your colour scheme is already decided. 

Second, choose your flowers. Ask yourself; do you want to stick to one type of flowers or mix up a few? What flowers match your personality? Timeless and beautiful; roses are for you, edgy and unique; consider sunflowers or another unconventional flower. 

Next step, size and type. Do you want full bouquets or large statement pieces? If a full bouquet is what you’re after consider bulking your main flowers with smaller white, cream or ivory flowers to match the bridal gown. Are you having real flowers or faux flowers? This can be decided fairly quickly by looking at your budget and whether you want your flowers to stay with you after your wedding. If you’re more into having a certain flower for only your wedding day or just want a more classical authentic feel, go for real flowers. Consider your location and whether you would have any creatures also trying to enjoy your flowers (if you’re outside for example). Not to mention how beautiful real flowers will make your venue smell and that smell will forever remind you of your beautiful wedding day. 

Bridal Bouquet 

The most important part of the flower arrangement is the bridal bouquet. Having a statement large flower could be of interest to the outgoing, creative bride. Or consider a well-filled bunch of your favourite flowers and colours. Possibly add a range of muted or pastel colours if you’re outgoing but still want something subtle and chic. Choose the flowers which will compliment you as a bride, your favourite flowers and your overall look. Do you have a long beautifully simplistic dress with a long train and veil? Go for classic ivory or white. 


Taking inspiration from the people whose weddings and dresses you admire is an amazing way to decide on your choice of bouquet. Kate Middleton- she will always have her wedding remembered for the sheer beauty of it. You want to choose the flowers that will remind you of your big day, from the colour to the smell, they will forever be a reminder of the best day of your life. 

We wish you an amazing wedding day here at Paradise Weddings, happy planning! For any enquiries get in touch at ….

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